Black Creek Snowshoe Hike

By Megan Clute

Photo courtesy of Nancy Leonard

On January 14, 2012,
29 nature enthusiasts enjoyed a snowshoeing journey through the Black Creek Nature Sanctuary Trail. Despite 18 degree temperature and blustery morning weather, participants experienced the beauty of the snow-covered dunes, creeks and rivers leading to Lake Superior. From Michigan Tech students to retirees, the group consisted of both novice and experienced snowshoe hikers. The trip was guided by stewards Peter and Jill Pietila along with MNA member Nancy Leonard. They trekked through the fresh snow of Keweenaw County in conditions that were “pleasant but not too warm” according to Nancy. She also described the trip as picturesque, featuring the frozen rivers and Lake Superior which appeared as if “it could turn to ice in a moment.”

Throughout the journey, participants stopped for pictures on benches conveniently located along the trails for visitors to rest and take in the sights. After reaching Lake Superior, Peter and Jill led the hikers along the shoreline to their home located on a dune in the area. Participants were able to warm up from the hike and enjoy refreshments provided by the stewards.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Leonard

The Black Creek Sanctuary has been owned by the MNA since 1991, and in 2011 it was named one of the 20 Showcase Sanctuaries throughout the state. The sanctuary features two loops of trails, which are both two miles long, that show off the sanctuary’s sand dunes and lagoon formed by the combined waters of the Hills and Black Creeks. Visitors are welcome year-round to participate in activities such as hiking, taking photos, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Join MNA at our next snowshoe hike at the Gratiot Lake Overlook Nature Sanctuary located in Keweenaw County. The hike will take place Sunday, March 25 from 1-3 p.m. Please visit our website for further details!


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