Trustee Election Results Are In

By Mitch Lex

The active participation of MNA members has long been a crucial aspect in the decision-making process of the association. One of the biggest decisions made each year is nominating and selecting individuals to serve on the Board of Trustees. Remaining true to the 60-year history as an organization that has effectively worked with its citizens, MNA members filled out their ballots to decide on volunteer leaders to help guide and administer MNA’s operations.

The results of this year’s elections are in, and members of the MNA have elected two familiar faces, while selecting two first-time trustees to join them. Stanley Dole and Gisela Lendle King have both been re-elected to the board and will continue their many successful years of notable service as volunteers and trustees of the MNA.

First time board members elected are Lisa Appel and William D. McNaughton. Lisa serves as the coordinator of watershed education at Cranbrook Institute of Science, and Bill is a biology professor at Oakland Community College. The MNA is excited to have the abundance of knowledge and experience each of the new members will contribute.