Additional land added to Evans Memorial Plant Preserve


Charlotte C. Evans Nature Sanctuary. Photo from MNA Archives

By Alyssa Kobylarek, MNA intern

Two acres were added to the Charlotte C. Evans Memorial Plant Preserve in December 2013. MNA acquired the addition to the Wayne County sanctuary from The Nature Conservancy.

The addition of this land will protect the species that live there from the negative effects of human activities that have contributed to the overall reduction of prairie habitat in Michigan.

The sanctuary contains high quality unplowed lakeplain prairie and includes a mosaic of lakeplain wet and wet-mesic prairie. The site, which is a mix of prairie, swamp and oak ridges, is home to many species of threatened plants.

A hydrological regime has limited the number of non-native species on the new addition and has become a critical aspect to the maintenance of the communities found at the prairie. MNA’s stewardship team will evaluate the addition and determine the best course of action to continue protecting the critical habitat it contains.