Member Vote Overwhelmingly Approves Five Lakes Muskegon Land Trade

The results are in!

The members of the Michigan Nature Association have approved the proposed Five Lakes Muskegon land trade!

Voting closed August 15th. With 452 votes cast, more than 97% of the votes were in favor of the proposed trade, and less than 3% opposed.

Some of those who voted also passed along comments for and against the proposed trade, including;
• “Great idea.”
• “Well presented and negotiated”
• “Thank you for the excellent presentation”
• “Enjoyed rare plants, trade will make access better.”
• “I hope everything goes well in the land trade. Keep up the good work.”
• “Sad to see you give up any land.”

Now that our members have ratified the proposal the Five Lakes trade may proceed, and MNA staff is now actively working with our partners to finalize the exchange. The trade will join the currently bisected Five Lakes sanctuary into a single, larger piece of property, and will ensure that the core of the sanctuary will never be developed.

The vote on Five Lakes is a terrific display of the MNA membership in action. Throughout our nearly 60 year history, the members of the Michigan Nature Association have played a pivotal role in the organization’s success. In addition to providing generous financial support, MNA members guide our organization by electing our board of trustees, help us identify natural areas needing protection, volunteer countless hours helping us manage the thousands of acres we own, and (as in the case of Five Lakes) make important organizational decisions when the need arises.

The active involvement of our members is truly one of the great strengths of MNA. Without the generosity and willingness of our members to be engaged, we would not be the organization we are today.

Thank you, again, for all you do!