Saving the Summit of Brockway Mountain

By Alex Paris

“Duck!” is a word likely to be heard while hiking up Brockway Mountain. Raptors, flying at eye-level, are among the tens of thousands of birds that migrate through the property.  Though publicly accessible, the privately held land is en route to becoming property of Eagle Harbor Township.

View from Brockway Mountain. Photo: Russell Harrison Photography - Wikimedia Commons

The township has been recommended a $498,000 grant by the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund toward the $680,000 acquisition cost. Another $100,000 is being provided by The Nature Conservancy, while the remainder is currently being filled by donations from individuals and groups like MNA.

With sweeping coastal views and ecological value, the plot has obvious allure to many, from geologists to those with wanderlust.  Less obvious is that the plot has strategic value as “the keystone acquisition on the east end of the Keweenaw Coastal Wildlife Corridor (KCWC),” according to Eagle Harbor Township.

The 320-acre acquisition is just one step in the KCWC land conservation program. Eagle Harbor Township spearheads the KCWC project, with supporting contributions from local governments and organizations such as MNA, which has five sanctuaries adding 403 acres to the massive project. The purchase is expected to come to a close during the summer of 2012.

For information about donating to the Brockway Mountain Project, check out the Eagle Harbor Township website!

Brockway Mountain Summit. Photo: Eagle Harbor Township