MNA Authors

by Hannah Ettema
MNA Intern

In the Michigan Nature Association family, there is a large pool of achievements. Some of those achievements include publishing books. Whether a compilation of photographs, informational non-fiction or fun children’s stories, our members continue to dedicate their time and knowledge to the education of others.

Wild about Michigan Birds book cover

Wild About Michigan Birds by Adele Porter

Wild About Michigan Birds, by Adele Porter, is a book that introduces children to both common and at-risk birds in our state. In addition to Michigan, she has books about birds in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Northeastern U.S., and recently published Cooking for the Birds, which features 26 recipes that anyone can make to attract different North American bird species.

Betty Wilkins, a songwriter, is the author of two children’s books: Mrs. Koops and Behind the Green Fence. Her song, which she hopes will turn into our state song, is titled, “A Beautiful Peninsula.” The lyrics mention many of the beautiful and historic parts of Michigan.

MNA is fortunate to have many talented photographers. Bruce Montagne spent more than 14 years working on the photobook Lake Superior Secrets, visiting almost every part of the lake in every season. Mark Carlson’s favorite place to photograph is in the Upper Peninsula. Michigan Simply Beautiful features his full color photographs from all over the state.

Rod Planck published his photo book Nature’s Places, because he wanted people to see what he saw through the viewfinder.

Keweenaw Solitudes book cover

Keweenaw Solitudes by Charles Eshbach

Educated as a forester, Charlie Eshbach found professional photography to be a natural fit. Charlie published Keweenaw Solitudes because, “the Keweenaw is so unusual, I always thought I needed to try and interpret this place with images that were special to me,” he says.

Debbie Frontiera captures the emotions of the Italian Hall disaster of 1912 in her novel Living in Sisu, about a young girl who experienced the terrible incident. She wrote the book because growing up in the Upper Peninsula, she thought there should be a story about the incident for children.

In John Heidtke’s new book, Family Golf Adventures on Michigan Links, he encourages families to get outdoors and play golf on one of the 72 courses he features. He also discusses eco-friendly courses and hopes readers will, “listen to nature differently, take advantage of some of the eco-friendly courses, and follow the natural course of the land.”

Trail Atlas of Michigan book cover

Trail Atlas of Michigan by Dennis Hansen

Cross-country skiing in Michigan was a big deal in 1975, author Dennis Hansen says, but there was not any communication about existing trails. Then he created his book, Trail Atlas of Michigan. The number of trails has grown exponentially and he is having to consolidate his information to can fit it all in.

Few realize that Michigan is home to a quite extensive network of gold deposits. Gold in Michigan, by MNA trustee and master geologist Mary Ann Czechowski, discusses mineral gold and highlights locations of gold mines throughout the state.

When Ken Ross decided the story of Alaska needed to be told, he spent a year in a log cabin in the Arctic wilderness writing his book, Environmental Conflict in Alaska. Ken hopes that his readers will be surprised to discover what happened to the wildlife and land, “in a very large and special territory of North America.”

Great Lakes for Sale: Whitecaps to Bottlecaps book cover

Great Lakes for Sale: Whitecaps to Bottlecaps by Dave Dempsey

A native of Michigan, Dave Dempsey is a voice for the environment of Michigan. Dave’s most recent book, Great Lakes for Sale: From Whitecaps to Bottlecaps, focuses on the control and ownership of the Great Lakes, and what that means for Michigan’s most valuable resource.

We appreciate the dedication of our members, especially those who invest in Michigan through projects, policy, and publication.

For more information about these authors or how to purchase their books visit the MNA website.