Experience Brockway Mountain Drive this Spring!

By Allie Jarrell

Thimbleberry Flower. Photo courtesy of Alan Vernon, Wikimedia Commons.

Travel + Leisure Magazine recently named Brockway Mountain Drive one of America’s Best Spring Drives! This scenic drive is nine miles long and features more than 700 types of wildflowers, including some of Michigan’s rarest flora.

Brockway Mountain Drive is the highest road in the Midwest and offers breathtaking views of Lake Superior and the jagged cliffs along the Upper Michigan coastline. Among the many varieties of plants you can find patches of wild strawberries as well as rare flowers like thimbleberry, heart-leaved anica, wild lilac, and small blue-eyed Mary. Travel + Leisure writer Briana Fasone recommends stopping along the Keweenaw Peninsula to enjoy orchids, running rivers and migrating hawks that often linger around the bird-watching point in mid-April.

Wood Lily spotted at the James Dorion Rooks Memorial Nature Sanctuary. Photo: Charles Eshbach

Since 1973 MNA has been involved with conserving land in Keweenaw County, and now owns a total of 15 nature sanctuaries there including four Brockway Mountain Drive properties. Brockway is the region’s prime spot for springtime flora, and we recommend hiking through the sanctuaries to fully enjoy the spring colors and fragrances! For more information about visiting MNA’s Keweenaw and Brockway sanctuaries, you can visit our website or check out this online sanctuary guide!