Meet the MNA Staff: Adrienne Bozic

By Annie Perry, MNA Intern

MNA’s staff is full of people committed to protecting Michigan’s natural habitats. In addition to stewards and volunteers that help manage the sanctuaries, MNA has a group of regional stewardship organizers that oversee the volunteers and organize stewardship projects. Our three regional stewardship organizers are Adrienne Bozic, Katherine Hollins and Matt Schultz.

MNA's Regional Stewardship Organizer for the Eastern Upper Peninsula

Adrienne Bozic, MNA’s Regional Stewardship Organizer for the Eastern Upper Peninsula

Adrienne has been on the MNA staff for two years and first worked as a contractor. She was a volunteer and steward for some time before joining the staff. Adrienne oversees all of the Upper Peninsula sanctuaries from Baraga County to Chippewa County, where she coordinates and conducts sanctuary maintenance and monitoring, writes and executes management plans for each sanctuary, performs plant and animal surveys, organizes and recruits volunteers, collaborates with partner organizations, and acts as an ambassador for MNA throughout the Upper Peninsula.

Adrienne comes from a long line of outdoors people and found her interest in the environment while leading nature walks for children in her neighborhood. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental interpretation and worked for 15 years in a number of field jobs in environmental science and conservation. She eventually conducted plant surveys at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and completed her master’s degree in biology.

We sent Adrienne a few questions to learn a little more about her experiences at MNA. Check out her responses below!

Q: What is your favorite part about being a regional stewardship organizer?

A: Getting to work in all of the U.P.’s varied landscapes and habitats, the opportunity to spend time with some of Michigan’s most rare and threatened species, and the relationships I’ve developed with many of MNA’s outstanding volunteers and members. And believing that I am making a direct contribution to the conservation of native landscapes and biodiversity.

Q: What is your favorite Michigan species (flora or fauna) and why?

A: I don’t tend to think that way, so I don’t have an answer to that question! I love them all. Except the noxious non-native ones that threaten native ecosystems. I did my master’s research on some of Michigan’s rare native orchids, so I do have a special affinity for them.

Q: If you could be any species (Michigan native or not), what would you be and why?

A: Um, maybe a wood duck? I could walk, swim and fly, and live in a tree. Then again, maybe I’d prefer to be a non-game species.


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