A Bonus Hike Through Cedar River Nature Sanctuary

By Dave Wendling

Cedar River Nature Sanctuary

A glimpse of the Cedar River.

Monday, July 16:  Whenever I travel in Michigan I try to visit MNA sanctuaries that are in the area.  On this trip I was able to visit the Cedar River Nature Sanctuary while I was in the northern part of the L.P. This remote 80-acre sanctuary in Antrim County has three habitats—river, cedar swamp, and deciduous woods.

When I got out of the car at the sanctuary the first thing that I heard was the Cedar River as it flowed under the bridge.  The river is one of the few remaining classic small trout streams left in Michigan. I was pleased to find a marked trail along the river and through the cedar swamp.  I found myself walking quietly on a cushion of mosses and liverworts that covered the ground and the moist logs that were in various stages of decay.  Add to this the meadows of ferns, the cedar trees, the birds singing, and the river, babbling in places and quiet in others, and it felt like I was in a magical place.

I spent so much time exploring the river and cedar swamp that I did not have time to visit the deciduous woods that makes up the remainder of the sanctuary.  There is something special about spending time in nature by yourself with no modern distractions.  Do not catch “Nature Deficit Disorder”; join us at some of the remaining Odyssey events or sign up for MNA’s Fall Adventure and visit several northern Michigan sanctuaries including the beautiful and secluded Cedar River Nature Sanctuary.

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