Let the Odyssey Begin!

By Tina Patterson and Dave Wendling

We can hardly wait until Sunday, April 15, for our first stop on the MNA 60th  Anniversary Odyssey tour of twenty special MNA sanctuaries. On Sunday, we will visit the largest MNA sanctuary in Southeast Michigan, the Timberland Swamp Nature Sanctuary, 245 acres of prime secluded nature.

Timberland Swamp

Timberland Swamp. Photo: Jeff Ganley

Join us on a two hour guided tour beginning at 10 a.m. and share the delight of spring ephemerals, birds, and all the wetland creatures that make Timberland home.  After the hike, stick around for a picnic (bring your own bag lunch) and socialize.  MNA will provide drinks and dessert to celebrate MNA’s 60th Birthday.

Don’t forget to wear hiking boots, preferably waterproof since Timberland can be wet.  We will be able to carpool to bathroom facilities at the nearby Indian Springs Metro Park.  Dogs are not permitted.

We’ll also be visiting Dauner Martin Nature Sanctuary, Rizor Memorial Nature Sanctuary, and Wilcox-Warnes Nature Sanctuary successively after our Timberland visit to complete our tour of the Southeast Michigan showcase sanctuaries.

Please call the MNA office at (866) 223-2231 to RSVP or click here.   If you can’t attend, you can follow our journey on this blog.


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