Trustee Election Results Are In

By Mitch Lex

The active participation of MNA members has long been a crucial aspect in the decision-making process of the association. One of the biggest decisions made each year is nominating and selecting individuals to serve on the Board of Trustees. Remaining true to the 60-year history as an organization that has effectively worked with its citizens, MNA members filled out their ballots to decide on volunteer leaders to help guide and administer MNA’s operations.

The results of this year’s elections are in, and members of the MNA have elected two familiar faces, while selecting two first-time trustees to join them. Stanley Dole and Gisela Lendle King have both been re-elected to the board and will continue their many successful years of notable service as volunteers and trustees of the MNA.

First time board members elected are Lisa Appel and William D. McNaughton. Lisa serves as the coordinator of watershed education at Cranbrook Institute of Science, and Bill is a biology professor at Oakland Community College. The MNA is excited to have the abundance of knowledge and experience each of the new members will contribute.


Michigan’s Newest State Park: Rockport

By Allie Jarrell

On February 10, state recreation officials announced that Rockport State Park, formerly known as the “Rockport Property,” is Michigan’s newest state park.

The move from property to park was endorsed and promoted by the Michigan State Park Advisory Committee as well as the Negwegon State Park, Rockport State Park, and Thompson’s Harbor State Park (NRTH) Advisory Committee. The NRTH committee consists of a group of citizens and was established to work with the Department of Natural Resources. Management plans for all three parks (Negwegon, Rockport and Thompson’s Harbor) have been developed by the DNR and the NRTH Advisory Committee.

MNA's Julius C. and Marie Moran Peter Memorial Nature Sanctuary

MNA's Julius C. and Marie Moran Peter Memorial Nature Sanctuary Photo: Katherine Hollins

Rockport State Park is located on the shores of Lake Huron just north of Alpena, and includes 4,237 acres of land. The park features a deep-water protected harbor, 300-acre limestone quarry, unique series of sinkholes, dedicated Natural Area (Besser Natural Area) and various recreation opportunities, such as a boat launch facility.

About 11 miles south of Rockport is MNA’s Julius C. and Marie Moran Peter Memorial Nature Sanctuary. This 95-acre sanctuary in Alpena County is home to Grass Lake, which is surrounded by beautiful flora such as the dwarf lake iris, bird’s eye primrose and white cedars. In addition, Hamilton Road, which runs through the area, was declared the first Michigan Natural Beauty Road in 1971.

For more information on Rockport State Park, please visit the MI DNR website. To learn more about the Peter Memorial Nature Sanctuary and other sanctuaries throughout the state, check out MNA’s website!

LEGO Map of Wilcox Warnes Nature Sanctuary in Macomb

Check it out! MNA Emissary Paul Messing created a scale model of Wilcox Warnes Nature Sanctuary out of LEGOS!

Wilcox Warnes in Lego Form

What a cool and creative way to show off one of our Showcase Sanctuaries! Great job, Paul!

If you’d like to visit Wilcox Warnes, we have a Volunteer Day planned this Saturday (March 10) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the sanctuary, located in Shelby Township. Visit our website or call 517-655-5655 to learn more!

P.J. Hoffmaster Spring Activities

By Megan Clute

Hoffmaster State Park

Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The month of March marks the start of spring events at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon. The Exploring Nature program will kick off on March 3 and continue through April 21 during which, the park will host nature hikes and activities every weekend (except April 7). Events range from fitness training on the sand dunes to youth activities such as the Forest Fairies Green Tips Hike and the All Things Green and Lucky Hike.

P.J. Hoffmaster is home to 10 miles of trails and is located along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. The sand dunes in the area also serve as a main attraction to the park. The beginning of spring is the perfect time to explore and participate in the activities being offered.

While visiting P.J. Hoffmaster, guests are encouraged to take a tour through Genevieve Casey Nature Sanctuary, located less than an hour away from the park. It is known for its hiking trails, coldwater stream, pink ladyslipper, and even a hog-nosed snake which was recently discovered in the area. For more information or directions to the sanctuary, give us a call at 517-655-5655.

We encourage you to check out the many educational activities offered at P.J Hoffmaster. If you’re interested in additional nature education materials, MNA has a wide variety of resources for your use. Visit the education section of our website to learn more.

For more information on P.J. Hoffmaster State Park or the Exploring Nature program, please contact Elizabeth Tillman at 231-798-3573. For more information on the MNA and its nature sanctuaries and plant preserves, please contact us at 517-655-5655.