Lakeville Swamp Expanded by Siblings’ Donation

By Johanna Swanson

A gift from three siblings will expand a sanctuary and continue the generous legacy established by their family.

Stoney Creek in the Lakeville Swamp Nature Sanctuary

Nearly two acres will be donated to the Michigan Nature Association’s Lakeville Swamp Nature Sanctuary in Oakland County, coming from three siblings (Cynthia Bone, Kathleen Niemenski, and Raymond Witt) who inherited the property from their parents. In a unique twist, their great-uncle, Cecil Dunn, and his wife, Hazel, donated the original one acre in 1963 to create the sanctuary, and their grandparents, Gerald (Cecil’s brother) and Elizabeth Dunn, donated 22 acres to the sanctuary in April 1969, effectively doubling it from 21 acres to 43. In total, the Dunn family and their descendants will have contributed 25 acres to Lakeville Swamp.

Lakeville Swamp Nature Sanctuary was the fifth property acquired by the MNA. It opened in September 1963 and with the two acre addition, encompasses 78 acres. The addition was approved by the MNA Board of Trustees, and the deal was finalized in March.


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