Winter Field Trip Reveals Greater-Than-Expected Animal Life in Shelby Township

By Yang Zhang

More than two dozen nature lovers took to the snowy trails Jan. 29, exploring the Wilcox-Warnes Nature Sanctuary in Shelby Township.

The field trip, organized by the Michigan Nature Association and Hiking Michigan, introduced participants to the beauty of nature at one of the only natural areas in an otherwise developed area.

The 45-acre land was purchased by MNA in 1977. Martha Wolfe, co-steward at the sanctuary, said the land provides habitat for wildlife including many endangered species.

“It’s like a little jewel in the middle of the suburbs here,” she said.

Wolfe has worked as a steward at the sanctuary for approximately six years. She frequently visits the woods and has spotted deer, wild turkeys and other animals.

Rob Golda, director of Hiking Michigan, a club that leads free hikes and outdoor activities, led the field trip along snow-covered winding trails and taught people how to identify animal tracks.

“We want to show people places to return to in the summer,” he said.

Golda noted that many participants came from the area but never knew there was such a natural place nearby.

Along the trails, Golda helped hikers identify different animal tracks, including deer and squirrels. Participants were thrilled when they found the tracks from a flock of turkeys numbering more than 20.

“It’s the fun of hiking in winter,” Golda said, referring to the tracks.

MNA has marked trails and built fences in the sanctuary to make it more accessible to the public. Volunteers help pick up trash and remove invasive species, such as glossy buckthorn.

“This place is beautiful and so close to home for me,” said field trip participant Kathy Larson. She lives two miles away from the sanctuary but had never visited it. She will definitely visit the natural area again in the summer, she said.

Katherine Hollins, MNA’s regional stewardship organizer, planned the event and was happy that so many people attended. It was a great opportunity to let people learn about MNA and the special natural areas the organization protects.

Many of the participants showed an interest in MNA, and said they intend to become members and volunteers.

If you would like to become a member, or get more information about the MNA Mission, please visit our website at

Also, MNA is currently seeking volunteers for two events at the Wilcox Warnes Nature Sanctuary; one Feb. 8 to manage invasive species and the other March 26 to promote natural awareness at a youth event. If you are interested in volunteering at the Wilcox Warnes Nature Sanctuary, contact Regional Stewardship Coordinator Katherine Hollins at 517-525-2627 or

If you are interested in other events around the state of Michigan, please visit our event calendar.

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