JoAnn Hinds: A Woman, A Company, A Mission

By Tina Patterson

JoAnn Hinds found her passion for nature as a child when she, her three sisters and her dad spent fall weekends walking the unspoiled areas north of Roseville. These early memories are the foundation on which JoAnn built a life of appreciation for nature.

Despite her busy schedule as the President and CEO of Diamond Die and Mold Company in Clinton Township, JoAnn sets aside time for long walks in the woods, bike riding and sharing her love of the natural world through volunteer work with organizations like MNA.

JoAnn is not your standard volunteer, though. To protect and preserve the natural areas she loves, she has formed a unique partnership with MNA that goes above-and-beyond what a single volunteer is capable of. When there is a stewardship project that needs to be completed at the Wilcox-Warnes Nature Sanctuary near her tool and die plant, she gives her employees the day off with full pay and they donate their time to MNA.

This generous and creative use of resources creates goodwill all around: Diamond Die employees enjoy spending the day outdoors, MNA benefits from having trained craftsmen and JoAnn is gratified to know she is making a difference in the natural areas she loves.

For more information about JoAnn and her work, check out the January newsletter.

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