Personality Profile of a Harebell


The harebell is a native Michigan wildflower. Photo by Liz Burke.

Campanula rotundifolia L., or harebell, is almost pixie-like in appearance. Thin stems lightly support blue-violet bell flowers. These stems grow thin, slender leaves dispersed sparingly along the length of the stem. But harebell faints easily—the stems often become weak, allowing the bells and the plant to turn downward or fall over.

A native wildflower, harebell is cheery, commonly decorating Michigan’s dunes and beaches in the summer. Harbell is also versatile, inhabiting a variety of other habitats including rocky slopes, dry meadows or prairies, wooded areas, limestone cliffs and even Michigan roadsides.

It is found in every county in the Upper Peninsula except for three and inhabits many counties in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula aside from 15 near the thumb, making it adventurous and persistent. Its range also includes all of Canada, Alaska and much of the contiguous United States

Summer is the harebell’s favorite time. It flowers from June to September and prefers to spend its time with hummingbirds and bees in the sun.

Want to meet the harebell face to face? Join MNA members and staff in the Keweenaw this September for our Fall Adventure! Details can be found on our Website.


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