One Woman’s Account

With Fall Adventure 2010 coming up, you might be debating whether or not you should spend a weekend in the western UP.  We’ve provided you with one person’s experience from last year’s Fall Adventure to the eastern UP. Hopefully it will encourage you to participate in this year’s trip!

Photo by Natalie Kent-Norkowski

Sherry Kovach during Fall Adventure 2009

Written by Sherry Kovach

“Last October I joined the ladies in sensible shoes (and their husbands) and we walked the properties of the Michigan Nature Association in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. There was no cooking, no housekeeping and rather than chauffeuring, we were chauffeured while guides gave mini lectures, games were played with nature oriented prizes given, and MNA videotapes were shown. In the morning I awoke to a beautiful view of Lake Huron – “a room with a view!”

The best part was being with people who also enjoy what I most love to do – be out in nature. I even met a few whom I had walked with in other clubs.

We saw what Michigan looked like without the intervention of man and how it recovers after his presence. We learned about plants and their habitats and went to places I had not known existed. A town was once present where we viewed pale coneflowers (Echinacea).

Despite the stormy gray skies, it only rained after we boarded the bus and MNA leaders offered us treats and drinks. (My kids would have thought they had died and gone to heaven!)

There were no solicitations and no campaigns for fundraisers. This was it. The fun was the fundraiser.”

Have you participated in a past Fall Adventure, volunteer day or other MNA event? We want to hear about your experiences! Email or call 517-655-5655 to share!

Words from MNA’s Dictionary:

fall \fôl\


  1. of, relating to, or suitable for autumn

ad·ven·ture \əd-‘ven-chər\

1. an exciting or remarkable experience.

2. participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises

Redwyn's Dunes Nature Sanctuary--Photo by Charles Eshbach

Fall Adventure \fôl\  \əd-‘ven-chər\


  1. an annual Michigan Nature Association weekend event
  2. a chance to explore the natural beauty of the organization’s sanctuaries
  3. an opportunity to meet new members and catch up with old friends
  4. a good way to view that wildflower you hunted for five hours to see 10 years ago.

Join us in the Keweenaw Peninsula this year! Find full details about the Michigan Nature Association’s Fall Adventure in our upcoming July newsletter.

Fall Adventure Flashback!

The 2010 Fall Adventure is approaching fast!

Last year’s eastern UP Fall Adventure participants had a great time exploring six MNA sanctuaries in Mackinac, Chippewa and Clare counties!

Here is a look at what the group saw on their trip…

Photo by Natalie Kent-Norkowski

Fred Dye Nature Sanctuary in Mackinac County!

Photo by Jeremy Emmi

A common snapping turtle hatchling!

Photo by Natalie Kent-Norkowski

Beautiful scenery!

Photo by Jeremy Emmi

A green katydid!

Photo by Nataie Kent-Norkowski

MNA’s Operations Director, Paul Steiner in a tree!

Look in the July newsletter for the 2010 Fall Adventure location!