Helmer Brook Sanctuary

The song of Red-winged Blackbirds and Song Sparrows fill the air in Helmer Brook. They first showed themselves a few weeks ago in smaller numbers. However, they are throughout the sanctuary now. The Great Blue Heron and Belted Kingfisher that stayed in the sanctuary throughout the winter are still here. It sure warmed my soul to see them in the sanctuary during those below zero days this winter. The sanctuary is in a little bowl with Helmer Brook running right through it’s middle. The ridges form a break against the biting winter winds and the brook does not freeze offering a food source for the heron and kingfisher. Here is a list of birds I had yesterday in the sanctuary.

Helmer Brook
March 16, 2009
Species Code
Canada Goose O
Wood Duck O
Mallard O
Great Blue Heron O
Turkey Vulture O
Red-tailed Hawk O
Sandhill Crane O
Killdeer O
Mourning Dove O
Belted Kingfisher O
Red-bellied Woodpecker O
Downy Woodpecker C
Northern Flicker O
American Crow NB
Black-capped Chickadee O
Tufted Titmouse O
White-breasted Nuthatch O
Eastern Bluebird O
American Robin O
Song Sparrow O
Dark-eyed Junco O
Northern Cardinal O
Red-winged Blackbird O
Common Grackle O
House Finch O
American Goldfinch O