Have You Seen This Photo Before?

Having been an organization for over 50 years, MNA has history. Sometimes you find that history in the places like you least expect it…

While working at the Alton D. McGaw Nature Sanctuary and the former MNA office / home of MNA Co-Founder Bertha Daubendiek we found this photo:

The photo was in an old MNA foler with many other pictures, but this one stood out. It has no sanctuary listed, no photographer and no date.

Today, camping is generally not allowed on our sanctuaries, but in the past there were a few properties that allowed viitors to camp overnight.

I think that it may be interesting to learn the history behind this photo, these people and their trip! So, if you know any part of their story please tell me about it by clicking “Share Your Story” at the top of the page. (As I recieve comments I will update this post)

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