Get To Know A Sanctuary- Lost Lake

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Lost Lake Nature Sanctuary is an 80 acre sanctuary adjacent to the state-owned DNRE Rifle River Recreation Area in Ogemaw County.

The sanctuary is primarily a cedar swamp and is home to a large variety of flowers including 3 kinds of orchids, ferns,  and animal species.

The sanctuary does not have clearly identified trails, but it can be easily navigated with the help of a compass and map.

From parking along Sensabaugh Rd. you head straight west using a walk-in easement through the open woods, past a small trail and down a slope that signals the transition from upland to swamp. You will pass moss covered logs, beautiful ferns, dogwood, rosemary, and an occasional lady-slipper along your path. In about 30 minutes you will reach Lost Lake, which is beautifully surrounded by many different kinds of flowers and mosses.

Lost lake is a beautiful sanctuary to explore, and a fence clearly marks the property on three sides. The area is completely natural, so your compass, map and boots are in order.

When you are done visiting you head due east and back down the same easement you used when you came into the sanctuary.

On July 25th our Stewardship Director Sherri Laier will be leading a work day to Lost Lake which would be an excellent way to get to know the sanctuary and help MNA install the sanctuary’s new sign. Please email or call 517-655-5655 to sign up for the even.

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