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The Lefglen Nature Sanctuary in Jackson County was purchased from Lefty and Glenna Levengood and dedicated on October 24, 1971. They were nicknamed “the two nature nuts” by property owners in the area because of their passionate work in purchasing and preserving the land they sold to MNA. 



Lefglen sanctuary is very diverse and contains many different habitats including wooded upland, cattail marsh, swale, lakes, tamarack bog, oak groves and prairie. This sanctuary also hosts a large native plant and animal population. With over 690 species of native plants, more than 50 types of birds and numerous amphibians recorded, it hosts the most species of any MNA property. The Lefglen Nature Sanctuary is easily reachable using the directions listed below, there is also a map of the sanctuary which you can use to navigate the trails.


From I-94 take the Grass Lake Rd. exit and head south on Mt. Hope Rd.

 Turn right onto Michigan Ave. (West) Turn Left on Wolf Lake Rd. (South)


To reach the North Trail park at the Wolf County Park and walk north to 4833 Wolf Lake Rd, head down the driveway at this address and turn left at the picnic table.To reach the south trail drive past the Wolf County Park and park in the turn-out just past Rexford Rd. Walk down the incline and to your left to find the trailhead.


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